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Published on 2020-04-14
(Last post: July 28th - 10:15 am)

The decision to proceed with the launch of BIXI services on the scheduled date was made in collaboration with the City of Montreal and Montreal’s regional public health department in order to facilitate essential travel as well as the daily lives of workers who remain at the service of citizens in the context of COVID-19. Moreover, in order to support health care personnel who were redoubling their efforts during this exceptional period, and to offer an additional option to facilitate their commute, BIXI offered a free 30-day subscription to all employees of Montreal’s public health and social service institutions.

"From the very first announcements regarding COVID-19, our priority has been to collaborate with the regional public health department and to respect its recommendations in order to make BIXI services available on April 15 in a responsible manner."

- Christian Vermette, general manager of BIXI Montréal. 

(Read the press release)


  • Opt to rent the bike with your BIXI key. If you don't already have a BIXI key, you may request one from our customer service (with monthly or annual subscription).
  • The BIXI mobile application is to be favoured for occasional users.
  • Always keep cleaning wipes or a disinfectant solution with you.
  • As a preventive measure, before touching them, clean surfaces which are frequently handled on the bicycle and the terminal during use or rental.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • At the stations, keep a distance of at least two metres from BIXI employees and other users. This minimum distance is also recommended when cycling.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after each BIXI use, either with soap and water or with an alcohol-based disinfectant solution (e.g. Purell).
  • People who show symptoms of COVID-19 should not use BIXI’s services, nor should those returning from a trip who are under 14-day quarantine.


In order to ensure the health and safety of its customers and employees, BIXI has implemented new measures and procedures aimed at increasing the cleaning frequency of its equipment:

  • Transaction terminals
  • Docks (bollards) including touchpads
  • Bikes (Seat and seatpost collar, grips, plastic surface of handlebars)
  • Transport trucks (surfaces in contact with an employee)

Cleaning frequency and procedure

Surfaces frequently touched by users are disinfected on a regular basis with a bleach solution. This is the case, in particular, of the handlebars, basket, seat and seat collar of each bike, as well as the terminals and the touchpad for renting bikes at the bollards.

As soon as a new BIXI bike arrives or is picked up at a station, it is disinfected according to the new standards. The busiest stations are frequently visited, while a team is dedicated to cleaning the less frequented stations of the network.

The cleaning procedure is strictly followed by all our employees, and this is done every time a bike is handled or a station is visited (employees who handle the repair and maintenance of bikes in the warehouse, redistribution employees and depot station employees).


This program, which was available until May 15, 2020, was developed exclusively for employees of Montreal's public health and social services institutions in order to offer them a complementary transportation option to facilitate their travel to their workplace.

Employees of the Montreal health and social services network in 10 institutions and more than 300 facilities (hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs, youth centres, etc.) have been able to access the details of the free offer and the procedure for taking advantage of the program via the Intranet platform or the internal newsletter of each of the institutions. 

Written by : BIXI team