Renting electric BIXI bikes

location vélo électrique

BIXISTS’ Top Picks

They popped up throughout the city in 2019. They’re peacock blue. Bystanders do a double take when they see them going by. What are they? Electric BIXI bikes, of course! A big hit with BIXISTS, electric bikes are chosen 24% more often than regular BIXI bikes. Why, do you ask? Here are some hypotheses…

location vélo électrique

The Pros of Renting an Electric Bike

  • Get there faster
  • Go further
  • Explore more of the city
  • You won’t end up drenched in sweat
  • It’s FUN!

According to a BIXIST, riding an electric BIXI made her feel like she was flying, and we’re sure you’ll feel same! What’s great about these bikes is that they give you just a little extra boost to help you maintain your pace when they sense that you’re starting to flag. Need to go up a steep hill? Rent an electric bike. You’ll barely notice the climb and be at the top in no time. An appointment on the other side of town? Rent an electric bike. You’ll avoid the traffic and get some fresh air. A friend wants to go for a long ride? Rent an electric bike. You’ll have energy to spare. Don’t have any specific reason to rent an electric BIXI? Here’s one: treat yourself! The reason Montreal has the largest fleet of electric bikes in North America is not just that they’re practical – they’re also just plain fun to use. Not sure it’s your thing? Give it a try. One ride and you’ll be hooked!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Electric Bike?

A per-minute rate applies from the first minute of your trip.
For members: 17₵/minute
For occasional users: 35₵/minute
Scan an electric BIXI’s QR code via the BIXI app, put on your bike helmet and get ready for an electrifying ride!

Prices listed doesn’t include taxes.

Pedal Safely

It’s very important to be safe when biking. Remember that to use an electric bike you must:

  • Wear a helmet – it’s mandatory under the Highway Safety Code. .
  • Be 14 or older.
  • Users aged 14 to 17 must have a class 6D licence authorizing them to drive a moped.

Use the App to Locate Electric BIXI Bikes in Real Time!

Check out the app’s map of Greater Montreal, to see all the stations where you can get a sufficiently charged electric BIXI. A lightning icon makes them easy to spot and you’ll see the battery level of each electric BIXI at the station. That way you’ll never be disappointed! The app is also an easy, handy way to rent an electric BIXI: : just click on “Unlock” and scan the QR code on the electric BIXI you want.

But that’s not all! The app will start a timer, which you can use to monitor how long you’ve had the bike.Not sure you locked the electric BIXI back in properly once you were done with it? No worries! The BIXI app will send you a notification when your electric bike rental has ended..

Can the BIXI app get any better? Heck yes! Click the button below to learn more about it.