Partnership, event and bike rental policy

Thank you for your interest in BIXI!

BIXI Montreal receives a lot of requests for partnerships, event participation of all kinds, bike borrowing, donations and sponsorships. In order to improve how these requests are handled, BIXI Montreal has adopted a Partnership, Event and Bike Rental Policy.

For a request to be considered by BIXI Montreal, it must meet the criteria outlined below and not be included in the list of exclusions.


  • Accessible to all Montrealers
  • Activities that promote health, mobility, bikes or eco-responsibility
  • Community-oriented
  • Offer BIXI significant visibility where the value equals the requested contribution
  • How will your proposition benefit BIXI users?


  • Cash donations and sponsorships, donations in BIXI memberships
  • Fundraising, personal projects, cultural trips, cooperative missions
  • Golf tournaments
  • Religious groups, political associations, lobbying groups
  • School or community clubs or teams

All requests must include the form below, duly completed and sent by email at least 4 weeks before the activity.

Form: Click Here