BIXI One-Way Pass


One-Way Pass
One ride at a time

Making it easy to get from A to B. One-way passes are perfect for dealing with last-minute plans and occasional bike trips. Want to try the service for the first time, invite friends for a ride or just enjoy an occasional ride, with no commitment? You need the BIXI pay-as-you-go rate!

  • Unlocking fee


  • Security deposit

    $100 per bike

  • Choose your bike:

  • Regular BIXI

    20₵ / minute

  • Electric BIXI

    35₵ / minute

Prices listed don’t include taxes.

Per minute rates

Pay only for what you use


Security deposit per bike


Borrow a bike using your cellphone

Maximum of 4 bikes

Rent up to 4 bicycles per credit card at the kiosk

BIXI rates designed for bike rides à la carte

Rates for the BIXI one-way pass were designed to seamlessly adapt to your needs. Whether you want to go to the corner store, explore the city or meet up with friends, you decide how to use your bike rental. No deadline and no need to return to a BIXI station before you finish your ideal ride. Unlock your bike ($1.35), ride as long as you want on a regular BIXI bike for 20₵/minute and pay for what you use. Not a penny more.

Go faster and farther with an electric BIXI bike!

For the past few seasons, electric BIXIs have been a big hit with users. And with good reason! As soon as you start exerting yourself, the electric assistance kicks in and helps you keep up a good pace. They are so pleasant to ride that a rumour’s spreading: you’ll feel like you’re flying from one street to another!

Last-minute plans on the other side of town? Skip the traffic and enjoy fresh air: on an electric BIXI, you’ll arrive fresh and ready to go, even if your trip ends at the top of a hill. Feel like getting away and exploring? Treat yourself! On an electric BIXI, riding on city streets is easier and more fun than ever before. The Montreal network has the largest electric bicycle fleet in North American, so take advantage!

Need more convincing? Take one out ($1.35) and try it at the electric BIXI rate of 35₵/minute. Just one ride will change your mind!

Enhance your experience by downloading the BIXI mobile application

Using the BIXI app is the best way to take full advantage of your one-way pass! From the start, it makes it easy to rent a bike: just click on “Rent a bicycle” and select one-way pass. The BIXI application will allow you to scan the QR code of the BIXI you’d like to ride to release it from its dock.

Then, a timer will appear on the main screen to help you manage your rental and BIXI rate by calculating the length of your ride. Not sure if you’ve properly docked your BIXI at the station after your ride? No worries! You’ll receive a notification once your bike rental has ended.

Is that all? Nope! The BIXI application has a map of Greater Montreal that displays all bike paths and BIXI stations and lets you to check the availability of regular and electric BIXI bikes and docks at each station.

Does the BIXI application have any other benefits? Yes! Explore the application and discover them all.