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375 BIXIs, 375 creations

In 2017, Montreal celebrated its 375th anniversary and BIXI wanted to celebrate the event in its own way. Thus was born the “Montréal, BIXI & Moi” project where we asked the community, Montrealers and lovers of the city to submit a photo or illustration to create 375 personalized bikes. Talk about enthusiasm: more than 1,200 proposals were received! Illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, artists, personalities, bixists, bicycle enthusiasts, Montreal lovers: the images received came from all over! On May 28, 2017, we unveiled the 375 BIXIs, along with those who designed them.



Highlights about the personalized BIXIs


You’ve seen them all over the city. You’ve sat on them, you’ve often gone out of your way to get one at the docking station, they’ve made you smile as you cruise down the street. Thanks to their bright colours, original designs and 7 (!) speeds, biking became even more fun whenever you got your hands on one.


Fun facts!


  • The 375th anniversary bikes make up around 5.5% of the BIXI fleet.
  • They made 1.7 trips while they were in service.
  • Collectively, they travelled an average of 395,000 hours and 4.74 million km in three years.
  • Individually, one bike travelled an average of 357 hours and 1,430 km per year.
  • The 375th anniversary bikes were taken out twice as much as the regular bikes.


375th… 376, 377!

The “Montréal, BIXI & Moi” project was only supposed to run for the year of the 375th anniversary. Your enthusiasm, your excitement and your passion for Montreal talent convinced us to keep it going. The one-of-a-kind bikes ended up being in service for three seasons. They were taken out of circulation in November and they won’t be back for the 2020 season.

Thank you to everyone.