Become an AMI BIXI!

Help us rebalance the network

The AMI BIXI program is an eco-friendly way to rebalance the BIXI network by increasing bike and dock availability without requiring trucks to move bikes between stations. The key to its success? You!

As a seasonal or monthly member, help BIXI and other users by taking a bike from a full station and/or returning a bike to an empty station, earn points and rewards!

Sign up for the program

  1. Download or use your BIXI application.
  2. Click on your profile on the station map.
  3. Click on the AMI BIXI red banner and follow the steps.
  4. Turn on AMI BIXI in your Preferences to see stations that need help and will earn you points.
  5. Start pedalling!

Pedal and earn points

The icons for stations that need you will have a number and arrow on the map in your BIXI app. The up arrow ↗ means that you should rent a bike and the down arrow ↙ means that you should bring a bike to the station to earn points. Each station can earn you 1-3 points. Stations that need more help will earn you more points. If you rent a bike at a full station and return it at an empty station, you’ll earn points from both stations. And you’ll increase your monthly point total!

Are you in a hurry and need to rent a BIXI from an almost empty station and return it at a crowded station? No worries! As an AMI BIXI, you won’t earn any points, but you won’t ever be penalized for it. The first goal of the bike sharing program is to adapt to your trips!

Earn rewards

Every AMI BIXI point that you earn is added to your monthly total. When you reach 10 points, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail with a code for a free 30-minute electric BIXI ride!* In one month, you can earn up to 40 points, and receive a maximum of 4 free rides. On the first day of every month, the monthly total will reset to zero. At any time, you can view the number of points earned for the year or since you became an AMI BIXI. Even if there’s no reward yet, it’s still satisfying to see all those points!

*For longer rides, the membership’s per-minute rate ($0.17/minute) applies. The code must be used in combination with an active membership during the current season. We reserve the right to take away points and exclude from the AMI BIXI program members who clearly try to outsmart the system, for example, by constantly going back and forth between 2 stations that offer points. This doesn’t help rebalance the network!