What’s it like to work at BIXI?

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Stimulating, purposeful, fun

When you work at BIXI, you experience Montreal differently. Biking to work and getting fresh air in the morning means you arrive at work in a good mood. You’ll see things from a different perspective. When you wear your BIXI uniform, people in the street smile at you, say hi and ask questions about the bikes. When you tell your friends and family (who you’ll get to spend lots of quality time with thanks to an outstanding life/work balance) that you work at BIXI, they’ll know that you work for a caring, innovate brand that is transforming urban mobility and helping people get active. You’ll find that being an ambassador for such a well-loved brand is immensely rewarding.

Every day, you’ll work with a close-knit team that recognizes each other’s talents and contribution. Working at BIXI is working with colleagues who give it their all on every project. Here, people understand and embody the non-profit’s mission. They have a purpose, and you’ll probably feel the same way. At the end of the season, you’ll feel incredibly proud of the work you and your colleagues have achieved and you’ll celebrate your successes as a team.

Does this sound like something you’d enjoy? We’re waiting for your resume!

travailler chez BIXI

Discover the perks of working at BIXI

  • Work somewhere that has a purpose and a big impact on citizens
  • Help reduce urban transport-related greenhouse gases
  • Work on tasks that evolve throughout the year (on-season vs. off-season)
  • Get fair and equitable wages
  • Riding BIXI bikes with a free BIXI seasonal membership
  • Get a monthly parking pass or commute allowance
  • Have access to an employee assistance program
  • Enjoy three weeks of holidays and an extended holiday during the Holidays (Some conditions apply.)
  • Practice sports activities free of charge (up to $250)
  • Drink free coffee with your colleagues
  • Be part of a team that genuinely appreciates each other
travailler chez BIXI

A day at BIXI

Some companies will show you what a typical work day looks like. The truth is, there is no typical day at BIXI! That’s why we’re showing you the most extraordinary day of all, the one each of us works towards all winter long: the season launch day.

Find out what it’s like through the eyes of our colleagues on the board of directors, the management team, the administrative team and the team on the road!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be planning the next launch with us?

Colleagues’ testimonials

I’ve loved my experience since the very start!

“I started in April 2021, and I’ve loved every second of my experience. I replace e-bike batteries at the stations, so I spend a lot of time driving around Montreal, Laval and Longueuil neighbourhoods. I enjoy answering customers’ questions and needs, and I check that the stations are clean and functional, among other things. When they aren’t, I report it to my colleagues.”

– Nicolas Miron, driver (e-bike battery replace), 2 years at BIXI

I’ll be back next season!

“I started working at BIXI in March 2021. What I like the most about my customer service job at BIXI is the office atmosphere! The agents are dedicated, cheerful, hardworking and friendly. This was my first experience working at a call centre and I loved it.”

– Capucine Merlin, Customer Service Agent, 2 years at BIXI

Undeniable team spirit

“Behind those nice blue bikes, there are several departments working together to ensure things run smoothly. The atmosphere is electric and energizing. There’s major team spirit. On busy summer days, we’re always ready to go the extra mile. We’ll even jump in a vehicle and check the stations to make sure our customers can find fully charged bikes!”

– Carole Reid, HR and Payroll Technician, 6 years at BIXI

A truly respectful, healthy and productive workplace

“Bike-sharing is a hot topic and BIXI is a company that offers a lot of growth opportunities to its employees. It’s a truly respectful, healthy and productive workplace. There’s a strong bond between the employees, which fosters communal work.”

– Mourad Kheddam, Warehouse Agent, 1 year at BIXI