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Architectural tour with Ali Inay

Montreal is very diverse in its architecture: from industrial buildings in Mile-End to colourful houses in Plateau to 300-years-old blocks in the Old Port.

BIXI is one of the easiest ways to discover different neighbourhoods in the city and Old Montreal hosts over 15 stations. In an hour you can cover a lot of ground in Old Montreal, depending on how many times you stop to take photos!

A good spot to start your bike tour would be at Place d’Armes, which offers n visual timeline of Montreal architecture: from 500 Place d’Armes built in International Style in 1968 to a great example of Art Deco, Alfred Building and New York Life Insurance Building covered in red sandstone on the east side of the square.

Notre-Dame Basilica is the star of the square. A visit to see the stained glasses inside is definitely worth your time.

The nearest BIXI station is a minute walk from the square. Bike towards west on Rue St-Jacques. You can turn left on any of the streets before McGill Avenue. Streets of Old Montreal are full of buildings dating 17th century and its one of the oldest urban area in North America. Keep on the right, enjoy the streets and bike until you hit the Old Port!

Take any of the streets you want during your tour. Old Montreal offers great coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques that you might want to go back after you park your BIXI.

You’ll see facades from different periods, shining a light to the architectural history of the city.

Before discovering the next neighbourhood on your itinerary, you can park your BIXI at one of the stations close to the City Hall and take a walk around one of the busiest areas in Old Montreal: Place Jacques-Cartier!