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Urban exploration with Drowster

A photographer shows us Montreal through their lens.

Is there anything more magically serene than watching the sun rise over downtown Montreal? Accessible by bike in less than 15 minutes from the Peel entrance of Mount Royal, the steep climb up the mountain is taxing but totally worthwhile. Here’s a handy tip once you stop riding: listen to your favourite songs while watching sunbeams strike our city’s central skyscrapers.

A speedy, downhill ride through the Mount Royal cemetary brings us to côte Sainte-Catherine. Once we’ve crossed it, we can begin exploring Outremont and its amazing houses.

Outremont’s houses are some of the most magnificent in the entire city. The stone buildings, calm atmosphere and tree-filtered morning light make this ride  particularly majestic.

Head over to Pratt park, located on the neighbourhood’s west side, and take a few minutes to rest by one of its shady ponds.

Quick stop at Dispatch micro-roastery on Saint-Zotique Ouest to grab a delicious coffee on the go!

Though often overshadowed by its brother Mile End, Mile-Ex is a neighbourhood filled with wonders! Located just west of Little Italy, it’s home to some of Montreal’s most buzzworthy spots, including Dinette Triple Crown and Alexandraplatz.

Roll down boulevard Saint-Laurent, where you’ll find amazing shops of all kinds.

We’ve arrived at our final destination: Jarry Park. As we settle in by the central pond, we hear birds chirping and can’t help but feel relaxed. It’s the perfect spot to have a picnic or read beneath a weeping willow tree.