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Discover the works of art of MURAL Festival with BIXI

BIXI outings offer the chance to admire the many works of art that cover the city, thanks to MURAL Festival, a key event in Montreal’s creative and cultural sphere. The murals created during these 11 festive days embellish the city throughout the year! Here are our favourites of the 2018 edition. Get a chance to admire them with a Bixi ride through the city!

3469 du Parc avenue – Milton / du Parc BIXI station

The Mexican and the Quebec artists have joined forces to create this sweet and dreamlike artwork.

200 Rachel East street – Laval / Rachel BIXI station

Lucas Saenger offers here a mural with abstract forms. An absolute eye catcher!

3953 Saint-Laurent boulevard – Napoléon / Saint-Dominique BIXI station

Admire the work of the Montreal artist halfway between the real and the imaginary.

287 du Square Saint-Louis street – du Square St-Louis BIXI station

Franco-Canadian artist Benjamin Tran explores time and space by creating a peaceful and poetic universe.

4353 Drolet street – Villeneuve / de l’Hôtel-de-Ville BIXI station

Internationally renowned American artist Tristan Eaton offers pop and colourful artwork!

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To wander around easily, download the BIXI app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.