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The essentials of a successful picnic according to Rachelle Béry

The summer season is coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate than to picnic in a park with friends? Of course, picnicking means food, but there are also many accessories that can make your meal even more memorable.
So here’s a short list of things to bring along when you go on a picnic:

1- Tablecloth or blanket

Whether for a picnic on the grass or on a table, the tablecloth is a must for me. Not only will it bring you more comfort, but it can even give a chic look to your meal.

2- Dishes and other accessories

Rather than using disposable dishes and cutlery, opt for a more ecological solution: reusable, preferably unbreakable, plastic or bamboo dishes. Not only can you use them for all your picnics, but also for meals at home on the terrace.
As for glasses, I like to use Mason jars. You can fill them with your favorite drink before you leave and put them in the cooler. The fact that they close easily will help you avoid damage during the meal.
A board and a small knife are always helpful. For a two-in-one solution, use the board to cut and serve food.
Another thing to remember is a bottle opener. I always keep one in my purse – you never know when you might need it!


3- Games for both kids and adults

The games are not only for the little ones; the older ones will enjoy them just as much. Not only will they get you moving, but they will also whet your appetite before a meal or help you digest afterwards. Think of a game of cricket, pétanque, rings or just a ball or Frisbee.


4- Without forgetting…

A bag to throw your garbage and another one to put dirty dishes and avoid dirtying your cooler.
Paper towels to wash your face or wipe up any mess.
A portable sound system, if you have one, to set the mood for your picnic.
A cooler and cooler bags to keep your food and drinks cool.
Sunscreen to protect you from the sun and water to keep you hydrated.
Now you know all the tips for being a picnic pro!