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BIXI Safety Guide: 10 Tips To Keep In Mind

Whether you’re a beginner BIXIST or routine rider, it’s always helpful to be reminded of certain road sharing tricks, tips and rules to ensure your own security and the safety of those around you.

  1. Follow the rules of the road safety code

    Even if you’ve been biking since childhood, there are certain rules we all slip up on. When it comes to staying safe on the streets, Vélo Québec and the SAAQ are your greatest allies!

  2. Check your breaks and tires

    On average, a BIXI will be used by 5 different people per day, which means you might wind up with a bike that isn’t quite at its best. A helpful habit to develop before hopping on your BIXI: press down on the tires to make sure they’re firm and squeeze the breaks to make sure there’s tension. Don’t hesitate to report a defective BIXI (see video).

  3. Remember to make your intentions known by signalling.
    1- Left turn
    2- Right turn
    3- Stop

  4. Avoid Busy Streets

    The BIXI mobile app allows you to find bike paths that line up with your desired route. Sometimes, it’s simply safer to steer clear of traffic-heavy streets while planning your trip.

  5. Be Seen

    Lights are located at the front and back of every BIXI. For extra security, wear visible clothing or, better yet, reflective bands while biking.

  6. Be Heard

    To make others aware of your presence, be ready to slide your left thumb to ring your bike’s bell. Give it a try right now if you haven’t already.

  7. Leave Your Headphones At Home

    Though many people ignore this rule, it exists for a reason: it’s forbidden to wear headphones while biking. Not only does it compromise your safety by making you unaware of the vehicles, people and sounds around you, it could also leave you with a hefty fine. Both are good reasons to save your music for a safer time and listen to the sounds of the city while cycling.

  8. Be Attentive

    Good observers make the best cyclists. Take the time to observe your environment in order to help prevent accidents.

  9. Ride At A Safe Distance Between You And Cars

  10. Ride In The Direction Of Traffic

    Even if you’re tempted to take a shortcut, biking against traffic is forbidden (unless signage indicates otherwise). Safe and effective road sharing can’t take place without your cooperation; biking in the same direction as other road users makes the journey safer for everyone. 

Happy trails, dear BIXIST!