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End of semester with BIXI

Mood: End of semester

Studying for spring exams seems more daunting than ever before? Allow Moodmap, the website that allows you to plan outings based on how you feel, to guide you on a tour of Montreal’s best BIXI-accessible study spots that’ll help you feel productive, relaxed and, best of all, keep your mind off the weird weather outside!

9:00AM – A cozy café : Réplika

Located on the corner of Rachel and Laval, Café Réplika is one of those rare gems with a calm, laid-back atmosphere that seems designed for studying. You can start your day off right with a good breakfast and really get into the study groove. Réplika offers plenty of healthy and delicious food options all day long; we’d suggest you opt for the simit (a Turkish bagel) piled high with omega-3 rich, memory boosting smoked salmon alongside one of their amazing coffees. If you’re more of a sweet-toothed type, you’ll fall in love with their decadent sea salt Nutella cookies.

Replika, 252 Rachel street E.
Closest BIXI station : Rachel/Laval

1:00PM – A peaceful green oasis: Concordia Greenhouse

At this time of year, your eyes could use a good dose of chlorophyll! When spring finals roll around, Concordia’s greenhouse is the most relaxing, rejuvenating green space in the city. Located on the 13th floor of the Henry H. Hall building, the greenhouse opens its doors each Fall semester and closes at the beginning of May. It’s a sight for sore eyes at any time of year, but being able to study while surrounded by aloe, cactuses and grapefruit trees makes us extra thankful for its existence during exam season. Bonus: you get an amazing view of Montreal’s impressive urban skyline while being surrounded by the city’s more organic wonders.

The Concordia Greenhouse, 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O., 13th Floor
Closest BIXI Station: de Maisonneuve/Mackay

4:00PM – Treat Yourself

After a long day of studying, take a quick trip to Cookie Stéfanie on rue Saint-Jacques and indulge in a sweet treat. Reward your overworked brain by taking a moment to savour one of their mouth-watering gluten free treats and feel your blood sugar restore itself instantly. Crunchy cookies, decadent cupcakes, gourmet carrot cakes… this dreamy little place is teeming with treat options, each one as delicious as the last. Good luck deciding between them all!

Cookie Stéfanie, 272 Saint-Jacques street
Closest BIXI Station : Saint-Jacques/Saint-Pierre

7:00PM – End of a study-filled day: Le Cagibi

This is the last stop on your journey before heading home for some well-deserved sleep! Located in the Mile End, le Cagibi is a charming and unpretentious vegetarian café, perfect for ploughing through a paper or revising that reading you’ve been having a hard time with. Thrift store furnishings and fresh plants help make for a particularly homey atmosphere. The varied menu boasts a bevy of organic options made with local ingredients. For dinner, try a bowl of beans and rice or a sandwich on whole grain bread; treat your brain (and body!) to something filled with fresh vegetables and good starches. Once your gaze starts shifting towards the street beyond the big bay window more often than the work in front of you, it’s time to pack up your things call it a day!

Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent Boulevard
Closest BIXI Station: Clark/Saint-Viateur