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Cheap Yet Chic

Mood: Cheap Yet Chic

An itinerary presented by Moodmap in collaboration with Les Petites Manies

At LPM, we love going out – maybe even a little too much! This being the case, we don’t exactly have the funds to frequent fancy restaurants. The best part about our penniless position is that we’ve mastered the art of checking out chic hotspots on the cheap. Here are 5 perfect places to visit when you’re looking to add some luxury to your life, without doing too much damage to your bank balance. 

12:00PM – Take A Sandwich To Go at La Fabrique Arhoma

I highly suggest you start your day by stopping off at La Fabrique Arhoma, aka the-best-bakery-on-earth. You’ll find tons of local products, a selection of Quebec-made cheeses, breathtaking baked goods and, of course, the best bread and pastries ever. I’m a huge fan of this neighbourhood bakery. Get a delicious sandwich to go and head to the Old Port to picnic by the water!

La Fabrique Arhoma, 1700, rue Ontario E.
Closest Bixi Station: Champlain/Ontario

2:00PM – An Afternoon Coffee At Tommy Café

After strolling along the waterfront and doing a little window-shopping at beyond-your-budget boutiques, I’d suggest getting a good coffee at Tommy. The décor is amazing, as are the people who work there. Take time to savour your delicious drink and make sure to document your delightful experience on Instagram.

Tommy, 200 rue Notre-Dame O.
Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Jacques/Saint-Pierre

3:30PM – Take A Tour Of DHC/ART

What’s cool about DHC/ART is that entry is free (oh yeah!) and the programming is eclectic. Wander around the beautiful exhibition space, located in a super-chic Old Port office building, constructed in the 1920 and later converted into a contemporary art gallery. From October 15 to November 12, you can even check out Bjork Digital, an immersive, virtual reality exhibition celebrating the work of the Icelandic artist, created in collaboration with the Red Bull Music Academy. Entry for this exhibition is $20 for adults and $15 for students, but it’s definitely money well spent! Take note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

DHC/ART Foundation For Contemporary Art, 451 rue Saint Jean
Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Nicolas / Place d’Youville

6:00PM – Eat Fancy Pizzas at Moleskine

When we think about cheap eats, we almost always think of pizza. If you’re looking to elevate the pizza eating experience a little, Moleskine is the perfect place. Not only is the restaurant brand new and uber-trendy, it also offers an array of amazing pizzas and an A+ atmosphere. The Nordika, topped with leek cream, Matane shrimp and chilli peppers, makes me want to spend the rest of my life in the place. After dinner, I highly suggest you pop next door to Note Bene and check out some of their gorgeous notebooks and stationary.

Restaurant Moleskine, 3412 avenue du Parc
Closest BIXI Station: Hutchison/Sherbrooke

9:00PM – An 1860’s Inspired Nightcap at Mayfair

To finish off your day, head over to Mayfair and enjoy a cocktail (or two) in their luxurious salon with a 19th century flare. A combination cocktail bar/tearoom, the Mayfair touts a very tasty (and trendy!) drink menu. It’s the perfect place to pretend you’re a rich member of the bourgeoisie back in the early 1900s. I love Pimm’s and I love cucumber so, in my opinion, the Duke of York is the perfect cocktail to help bring my day to a very classy end.

Mayfair, 451 rue Rachel E.
Closest BIXI Station: Rivard/Rachel