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BIXI Goes Local

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An itinerary brought to you by Moodmap in collaboration with Les petites manies.

We here at LMP are basically the biggest ambassadors for all things local in Montreal (and Quebec!).  We’re constantly shining spotlights on Montreal-based businesses, artists and artisans because we’re convinced that our city is the greatest in the entire world. Because we know that many of you share our passion for all things “made in Montreal”, we’ve put together a little 100% local BIXI tour for you guys. Enjoy! 

2:00PM – Café Paquebot

Yes, we wake up late, because we go to bed late (see item number 5). We start our day with a coffee at Paquebot, a charming little spot in Petit-Patrie. We’re huge fans of their draft cold brew, a tasty chilled coffee served like a pint of stout. Not a coffee fan? Try their lemonade or draft iced tea, two refreshing new additions to their menu that pair perfectly with a sunny afternoon.

Café Paquebot, 2110 rue Bélanger
Closest BIXI Station: Des Érables / Bélanger

3:30PM – Librairie Raffin

I’m a big reader. Not only am I a big reader, I’m the kind of reader who tries to support independent bookstores and emerging publishing houses as much as possible. Raffin is a great place to find all kinds of local literary gems and the savvy staff always have amazing novels, essays and other magical manuscripts to recommend!

Librairie Raffin, 6330 Saint-Hubert
Closest BIXI Station: Chateaubriand / Beaubien

4:30PM – Boutique LOWELL

If you’re not familiar with the LOWELL MTL boutique, you’re missing out! Are you a fan of streetwear and affordable intelligent design? Well, so am I, and that’s why this is one of my favourite places to shop; it also doesn’t hurt that the owners reserve an extra visible display spot for local products! Not only can you snag a super-cray-cray LOWELL bag at the boutique, you can also shop for clothes by Odeyalo, Les petards products, Ville-Marie candles, PONY gear… basically, everything we love at LPM!

LOWELL, 5364 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Closest BIXI Station: Maguire / Saint-Laurent

6:00PM – Manitoba Restaurant

The Manitoba team works almost exclusively with local products : the establishment specializes in terroir cuisine and aims to help us reconnect with our aboriginal roots. The menu touts ingredients like wild mushrooms, dandelions, cranberries, caribou lichen and Labrador tea, all foraged from our very own (and very beautiful) Boreal forest ! In terms of meat, expect game of all kinds, as well as things like wild hare and mackerel, for example. We also love that they work with fresh, seasonal vegetables. In short : Manitoba is truly A+.

Restaurant Manitoba, 271 St-Zotique O.
Closest BIXI Station: Waverly / St-Zotique

9:00PM – Village au Pied-du-Courant

Full disclosure: the fact it’s my summer job leads me to be partial to the place, but hey: when it comes to local treasures, the Village is the place to be, starting June 2. Local designers and architects are responsible for every installation on site, the spot’s soundtrack is teeming with Montreal talent and its bar is stocked with specialties produced right here in Quebec! Grab a drink, explore the site and don’t be afraid to get your feet sandy: it’s also the perfect place to bring a date.

Village au Pied-du-Courant, 2100 Notre-Dame E., opens June 2, 2016.
Closest BIXI Station: Parthenais / Sainte-Catherine