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Adventuring with BIXI

Mood: Adventuring

An itinerary presented by Moodmap in collaboration with Foodologie 

For someone like myself who wasn’t big on biking until this earlier this year, embarking on an adventure is as easy as taking part in activities in all four corners of the city, all the while exploring it by bike (and by taking part in activities, I mean devouring delectable food, obviously). By heading out in the morning, I can jam pack my day with delicious things to do. Here’s how you can do it, too!

8:00 AM – A Croissant (Or Two): Le Pain Dans Les Voiles

This bakery didn’t take the title of “best baguette” for nothing! The artisans at Au Pain Dans Les Voiles work hard to stay on top of the game. There’s nothing better than a fresh croissant to start your day off right! As someone who’s done a croissant tour of the city, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Le Pain Dans Les Voiles, 357 de Castelnau street E.
Closest BIXI Station: Henri Julien / Castelnau

9:00 AM – A Relaxing Stop: Read in Parc Beaubien

This is the only really relaxing moment of the day. But you’ve gotta do it right in order to prepare for what’s to come! This calm Outremont park is one of the best spots to read, relax and soak up some sun without having to deal with typical park traffic. Parc Beaubien might not be the size of Parc Lafontaine or Jarry, but when you’re lounging next to its cute little pond, you won’t be missing the big guys.

Closest BIXI Station: Stuart / Cote-Ste-Catherine

12:00PM – Quick Course: Gourmet Pressé at l’Ateliers & Saveurs

It’s noon, which means it’s time for lunch in the Old Port! In case you aren’t already familiar, Ateliers & Saveurs offers a lunch hour special (which, in my opinion, is simply excellent) that consists of taking a quick, 30 minute cooking class followed by a half hour meal. You’ll learn an easy and delicious recipe that you’ll get the chance to taste afterwards. All this for the same price as a regular meal in the neighbourhood… maybe even less!

Ateliers & Saveurs, 444 Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier
Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Antoine / Saint-Francois-Xavier

3:00 PM – Dessert or a Snack: Havre-Aux-Glaces at the Atwater Market

After all that work, it’s time for a treat (pedalling is tiring!). Reward yourself with a little stop off for dessert or a snack at the Atwater Market. At Havre-Aux-Glaces, you’ll find amazing ice creams and sorbets. Everything is so good that you might not be able to control yourself.

Havre-Aux-Glaces, 138 Avenue Atwater
Closest BIXI Station: Atwater Market

5:00 PM – Have A Drink And Wrap Up Your Day: Terrace St-Ambroise

After a little ride by the canal, what could be better than a final stop at the St-Ambroise terrasse? Could you really ask for anything more than a cold beer after a day like today? You’ll also have the chance to try different local brews (and get a glimpse at where they’re made). Plus, you’re in luck – because you’re on a BIXI, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park your bike!

Terrasse St-Ambroise, 5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise
Closest BIXI Station: Palm / St-Remi