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5 Easy Ways to Manage your Stress

In 2002, Manulife conducted a work and health survey that revealed that only 14% of people had trouble finding a balance between work and personal life. In 2017, however, this number increased to 49%. According to the same study, 85% of people aim to manage their stress effectively, but only 19% said that their workplace was helping them achieve this goal.

This is why Manulife would like to share 5 simple tricks to help you reduce stress and feel more relaxed every day. They are easy to incorporate into your daily life and are sure to make a big difference.

1) Go outside

Being outdoors and enjoying nature is very peaceful. It is a must for managing stress. As simple as it may look, these little gestures help you to escape and disconnect from work and other responsibilities. A walk in the park, jogging, hiking or swimming, whatever the activity may be, the important thing is to take a breath of fresh air.

2) Take some time to yourself

Taking a break is also tremendously important. How about a meditation break? For this, you have to take long, slow and controlled breaths and focus on yourself. Meditation is a challenge in itself. To help you, there is a variety of guided meditation apps to help you learn the basics of meditation. 

Taking time to enjoy yourself is also very helpful. Taking a relaxing bath, reading your favourite book, enjoying a meal with people you love or watching your favourite TV show are just a few examples of what you can do to feel more relaxed. 

3) At work

Bike or walk to work if you can. Go out at lunch time, feel a breeze of fresh air, change environments or take a short 10-minute walk. Switch your afternoon coffee for a glass of lemon water or tea. 

4) Be creative

Being creative can also be very relaxing. Try a simple project that will fit into your daily life. For example, redecorate one of the rooms in your house. Arrange a nice frame mosaic in your living room or create a pretty space with flowers on your balcony. You can draw, write or play music. There is so much you can do. You just have to find what you like and explore it.

5) Be active

Exercising plays a key role in the overall feeling of wellness. Go to the gym, play some tennis with a friend or take a dance class. There is a multitude of options to help you be active. There is something for everyone. Discover what you like and what motivates you, and exercising will be easier than ever before. How about a yoga class? BIXI is organizing 3 free yoga classes in the park on July 30th, 2017. For more information, click here.

For some great relaxation, use one or more of these tips and go out and enjoy the summertime. Here’s to relaxation!