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April 22 and every day, it’s bike day!

Please note that, during this period, it is preferable to stay at home.

Leaving your car behind to take a BIXI or your own bike is a great thing to do both for the planet and yourself. Not convinced? Here are the 3 best reasons to ride your faithful steed.

1. It helps reduce carbon emissions

The bike definitely puts your muscles to work, but it has an undeniable advantage: it doesn’t emit any form of pollution into the air.

For example, in Denmark, where the bicycle is widely used, its use makes it possible to reduce carbon emissions by 110,000 tonnes per year. If we all decide to get around as much as possible by bicycle, we are definitely doing something good for both our planet and ourselves by improving air quality.

2. It reduces noise pollution

No doubt about it: a bicycle definitely makes less noise than a car. In a city like Montreal, with its more than 1,700,000 inhabitants, reducing the use of cars is a big plus for the well-being of our eardrums.

In 2014, a study by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec counted at least 640,000 people exposed to harmful environmental noise levels. Sure, the plane plays an important role in these statistics, but so too does motorized vehicles. With the calm sound of the bicycle, you can appreciate sounds that are difficult to hear when the noise pollution becomes too loud: such as the song of birds or the wind in the leaves of trees.

3. It allows you to pick up waste

When you are traveling by car, you definitely cannot just stop to pick up a piece of paper or other kinds of trash lying on the ground.
By bicycle, you can safely stop to pick up waste you find on your path, especially in the parks. You can then put them in their rightful place: the trash, the recycling, or the compost. (Don’t forget to sort!)

For these reasons, and many more, this year Earth Day Canada is happy to partner with BIXI again to support it in the dissemination of its campaign. Earth Day Canada encourages you to use the bicycle to get around as often as possible!