Glowing bikes

vélos lumineux

BIXIs that glow in the dark

It’s no secret that this season we’re celebrating 15 years of bike share service in Montreal! But who could imagine a celebration worthy of the name without lanterns, Bengal lights, fireworks – in short, without light? That’s why 60 BIXI bikes have been transformed into eye-catching luminous bicycles, bringing light to the city and bringing you home in the evening. Spotlight on the glowing bikes!

A word on paint

How do we make BIXIs glow in the dark? By applying photoluminescent paint to their frames, of course! This brilliant green paint stores sunlight during the day and gives it back at night in the form of diffused luminosity. We’re talking about up to 10 hours of visibility in the dark! Rain or shine, its pigments exploit the natural phenomenon of photoluminescence and the renewable energy of solar radiation.

Endlessly rechargeable, the pigments’ special technology works just as well in daylight as it does in artificial light… from your phone’s flashlight function, for example!

Perfect for transforming BIXI bikes, which spend all their time outdoors, into glowing bikes!

Ode to night-time strolls

BIXI is your means of transport when the last metro has passed and the night bus won’t be passing for a while. The one that’s there to let you leave exactly when you feel like it and get home safely. Whether you’re dashing along the REV or taking less lit routes, battling insomnia or living at night: when everyone else is asleep, the city is yours. With our glowing bikes, we’d like to offer you an original and unique experience, to highlight the magical moments we’ve been spending together at night for the past 15 years.

A night launch

The glowing bikes made their very first ride at the Tour la Nuit, a major cycling celebration organized by Vélo Québec as part of the Go Vélo Montréal Festival, on June 2 2023. They illuminated the 24 km route through the streets of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension, Montréal-Nord, Anjou and Saint-Léonard. Since the event, the glowing bikes have been integrated into the regular fleet. So you can borrow them all season long for your night-time strolls!