Little Italy by BIXI

Tastes of Italy

The Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough is home to an exceedingly popular and well-known Montreal neighbourhood: Little Italy! Although Italian immigrants are no longer the majority population, there are still vestiges of their considerable influence and presence in the neighbourhood. Adjacent to La Petite-Patrie and Mile Ex, Little Italy holds its own with other Montreal neighbourhoods! Craving a gelato or an authentic Italian coffee? Locate a station on the BIXI mobile application, rent a bike, and set off for Little Italy!

Montréal © TQ/ A. Quenneville

Numerous bike paths in Little Italy

There’s no shortage of bike paths in Little Italy. The neighbourhood is surrounded by them! You can easily cross Little Italy by taking the one on Bellechasse Street, or you can opt for the Saint-Denis Street or Saint-Dominique Street bike paths. For your flexibility and ease of travel, BIXI stations are located throughout the entire neighbourhood!

Rent a BIXI and visit neighbourhood attractions…

The century-old Madonna della Difesa Church is part of Little Italy’s historical image! It was designed by architect Guido Nincheri, who not only drew up the plans for the church but also painted its frescoes and murals. Be sure to visit and admire this architectural work, which has been designated as an historical site since 2002! Plus, you’re in luck: a BIXI station awaits you near the church, at the corner of Casgrain and Mozart, making it even easier to rent a bike in Little Italy! Just take the Saint-Dominique Street bike path to get there!

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Rent a BIXI and tour the neighbourhood…

Did you know that the Jean-Talon Market is in the heart of Little Italy? BIXI stations at both ends of the market allow you to drop off your bike on the way in, do your shopping, and then rent a new bike on the way out (after buying your favourite local products, of course)! Just bring your backpack and a reusable bag (we recommend one with a sturdy bottom that will fit in a BIXI basket) and presto! You’re ready to go! Stations are located at the corner of Casgrain & Mozart and at the corner of Henri-Julien & Jean-Talon.

Visit Little Italy and attend ItalfestMTL, formerly known as Montreal’s Italian Week! Each year, during the month of August, you can celebrate the city’s Italian-speaking community with the many attending artists! You’ll discover numerous shows and activities, enabling you to become better acquainted with Italian culture! Rent a bike in Little Italy to get there!

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Ride BIXI with a friend!

Now you can invite your friends to explore Little Italy by bike! Enjoy Italian-inspired restaurants and small cafés with your family or friends. Simply distribute your one-way Amis BIXI passes or use the mobile application’s BIXI group ride feature! Unlock 2 BIXI bikes during your next bicycle rental in Little Italy. Then live the dolce vita while pedalling through the neighbourhood’s charming streets together!

Montréal © TQ/ A. Quenneville

Discover Little Italy’s history by BIXI

Montreal is a city full of history! With each bike rental, whether regular or electric, you are immersing yourself in the past! Italian immigration to what would become Little Italy began in the first half of the 20th century, when workers were attracted by the area’s many jobs. Italo-Montrealers, who arrived around 1880, were already present, but they had not yet settled in the neighbourhood we know today. Their presence was so substantial that a new parish was founded in 1910: Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense.

A second wave of immigration took place at the end of World War II. This is what led to the birth of Montreal’s Little Italy. Many businesses and grocery stores were established. The Italian influence was so prevalent that traces of it can still be found on several neighbourhood buildings. During your next bike rental in Little Italy, entertain yourself by seeing if you can spot these little Italian symbols!

Fun facts about Little Italy

Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense parish is the oldest Italian parish in Canada! A century old, it stands as a testimony to the presence of Italian immigrants in North America. No wonder the church is part of Quebec’s cultural heritage!

The Jean-Talon Market was called the North Market until 1982. At the time of its founding in 1934, it housed only farmers who sold the food they had produced, before becoming the market we know and love today.