Tour de l'île and Tour la nuit, easy with BIXI! 

You are registered for the Tour de l'île on August 29th or the Tour la nuit on August 27th in Montreal? Ride a regular BIXI for 4 successive hours or an electric BIXI for 1 hour for only $5!

To take advantage of this, buy the BIXI ''Tour de nuit et de l'île 2021 (5$)'' pass on the application or at the BIXI kiosk*.

*If you are already a seasonal or monthly member, the easiest way to take advantage of this pass at the regular BIXI station is via the kiosk. Select ''Rent a bike'', swipe your credit card then select ''Rent an extra bike'' and finally buy the ''Tour de nuit et de l'île 2021 (5$)'' package.

*5$ pass is exclusive to Tour de l'île or Tour la nuit participants. Available for purchase on the kiosk or the application starting at 7pm on August 27 for the Tour by night, and starting at 8am on August 29 for the Tour de l'île.

***After 4 hours of regular BIXI, you pay $0.10 per additional minute. After 1 hour of electric BIXI, you pay $0.25 per additional minute. A $100 security deposit is required. If you drop off your BIXI at a station before the end of 4-hour period of regular BIXI or 1 hour period of electric BIXI, you will have to buy the $5 pass again.

Buy the pass via the app