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Published on 2019-07-19

They’re all over the city. BIXI bikes have been a feature in Montreal for more than 10 years now, but are you aware of all that BIXI has to offer? Here’s your 101 on making the most of BIXI!


Affordable and flexible rates!

You can use BIXI via the dozen or so different types of memberships and access passes. Flexible rates to really fit your lifestyle!!


A mobile app to simplify your trips!

Did you know that with the mobile app you can:

  • find the nearest stations, wherever you are
  • check the bikes and docks available at the stations
  • locate BIXI valets and drop-off stations in areas with heavy traffic
  • purchase access passes and renew your membership
  • unlock a BIXI 
  • plan your trip
  • invite your friends to ride with you if you’re a member
  • consult your trip details
  • earn AMIS BIXI points 

Download it here.


Join the BIXI community and enjoy all the advantages

Being part of the BIXI community means you can enjoy promotional offers and privileges like discounts on sports equipment, shows, movies or yoga classes! Visit our Member Advantages page to see all the offers. New offers will be available all summer long so come have a look!

Another part of this great community is AMIS BIXI. These are BIXI cyclists who help make bikes and bike docks more available for other riders, while earning points and rewards along the way. That’s real community spirit!

As well as all those who use BIXI, we also have a team of 100 employees, people who are passionate and committed and who work to carefully plan the location and transfer of stations, provide friendly customer services, analyze data to ensure better efficacy, promote BIXI in the city and internationally and fill up stations short on bikes. They are highly skilled and really care about their work; safety and customer satisfaction are paramount for them. These go-getters are located in the Rosemont district of Montreal.


Using BIXI doesn’t just mean staying active, it means being part of a movement and embracing our values of health and well-being thanks to active transport. A round of applause, please! 

Written by : BIXI team