Tangerine, exclusive partner of electric BIXIs

A partnership to go further

BIXI has teamed up with Tangerine to transform the urban experience! As the exclusive partner of electric BIXIs, Tangerine is helping us promote an accessible, sustainable, and innovative way to explore Montreal and its surroundings. Together, we encourage an active lifestyle while making our cities more dynamic and inclusive.


Tangerine One-Way

Ride into summer for free on May 17th

Tangerine opens the BIXI network all day to celebrate the summer biking season! Take advantage of this opportunity to try electric BIXIs for the first time or to get back on your favorite bikes.

Free Tangerine One-Way passes allow you to enjoy free rides for 30 minutes on regular BIXIs and 20 minutes on electric BIXIs. Prices displayed do not include taxes. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for electric BIXIs.

  • Unlocking fee


  • Security deposit


  • Regular BIXI – 30 min +

    20¢ / minute

  • Electric BIXI – 20 min +

    35¢ / minute