Red bikes

vélos rouges

Special 15th anniversary BIXIs

It’s no secret that this season we’re celebrating 15 years of bike-share service in Montreal! For the occasion, a brand-new fleet of 100 red bikes is now available to all BIXISTS, adding a touch of color and festivity to the city’s streets.

Coming of age

These new red bikes represent the latest phase in the harmonization of our brand identity. Recently, we revised our fare structure, introduced a new graphic grid with more inclusive typography for better legibility, and a renewed website, as well as updated all our communication tools such as the newsletter, social networks and poster campaigns in the city.

This is the final stage of the road we’ve travelled over the last few years. We now serve 500,000 BIXISTS in 8 cities, ensure over 9 million trips a year, and will be available all year round from this winter onwards.

A record-breaking season

BIXI, in 2023, means more than 9 million activities, get-togethers, family lunches, afternoons in the park with friends, trips to work and back home. More than 9 million concerts at the Place des festivals, Quebec films at the Cinéma Beaubien, visits to the library. More than 9 million walks to get away from it all. More than 9 million breaths of fresh air.

While the 2023 season is still underway, the record number of trips has already been broken. The last symbolic milestone was reached in 2022, with 9 million trips.

BIXI is more than just a means of transportation. It’s an infrastructure that contributes to pleasant living environments, that brightens up cities and enables them to rethink their future.

A launch at Square-Victoria

The red bikes made their very first appearance at the end of September 2023, at Square-Victoria, a highly symbolic location for us. The park was designed by Michel Dallaire, as was the design of the BIXI bike! The bikes fit perfectly into the space of the square, with the curves of the benches reminiscent of those of the BIXI, as well as the original grey color and rounded corners.

A procession of around a hundred people, including elected representatives and mobility stakeholders from the greater metropolitan area, left the square and circulated along Notre-Dame and St-Pierre streets to celebrate the event. Since then, the red bikes have become part of the regular fleet. So you can borrow them all season long for your outings!