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BIXI Monthly Membership

Rediscover your neighbourhood at your leisure

The monthly membership is the most flexible BIXI membership. Want to know if you love the service before committing to an entire season? This is for you! Give it a try and ride as many times as you want for 30 days. The BIXI monthly membership adapts to your routine and starts when it’s convenient for you, upon purchase.

It will be possible to have information on the price of monthly memberships and purchase your own in Spring 2022.

30 days, starting the day of purchase

Take advantage of all member benefits. Automatic renewal available.

30 days

Valid on the day of purchase

Electric BIXI

Reduced rate at X₵/minute for members


Borrow a bike using your cellphone

45 minutes

Unlimited regular BIXI trips

Discover a new way to get from A to B

The BIXI monthly membership gives you access to more than 9,000 bikes ideal for city living, available in 700 stations in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Westmount and Town of Mount Royal. Take as many trips as you’d like: the first 45 minutes of each regular BIXI trip are free. Want to take a longer ride without stopping at a station? No problem! Cycle as long as you want for only X₵/minute.

Go faster and farther with an Electric BIXI bike!

Biking is good, feeling like you’re flying is even better! Word is spreading about electric BIXI bikes, the top choice of BIXISTS for the past 2 seasons! As soon as they detect that you’re exerting yourself — whether it’s because you’re tired or going uphill — they provide assistance proportional to the effort required to keep you going at a good pace, making them extremely pleasant to ride.

Have an appointment on the other side of town? Skip the traffic and enjoy fresh air by taking an electric BIXI: you’ll arrive fresh and ready to go, even if your trip ends at the top of a hill. Want to take a long ride along the Lachine Canal? Treat yourself! It’s not for nothing that Montreal has the largest fleet of electric bikes in North America. 

Not sure electric bikes are your thing? The monthly membership allows you to try them for a small fee: as a member, your electric bike rental will cost only X₵/minute instead of X₵/minute like non-members. One ride and you’ll be hooked!

Download the mobile app and take part in the BIXI experience

Want to take full advantage of the monthly membership? Don’t forget to download the BIXI app! A map of Greater Montreal details the locations of all bike paths and BIXI stations. Check the number of regular and electric BIXI bikes and docks available at each station. The app is also an easy way to rent bikes, always at your fingertips:  simply select the station closest to you and request an unlock code, which you’ll enter in the keypad at the dock to unlock your BIXI of choice. 

Want to know the exact length of your trip? A timer on the main screen starts when you start biking. You can then manage your BIXI ride. Not sure if you correctly ended your bike rental? No worries! The BIXI application will send you a notification when the bicycle has been correctly docked at the station

Download the application to discover its other benefits! 

Download the app

Ready to act?

Monthly membership will be available in Spring 2022!


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