2023 BIXI season

Saison BIXI 2023

BIXI : Good for me, good for all

Who says spring actually means 2023 BIXI season! 15 years have already passed since the bike rental service made its appearance in Quebec, starting in the streets of Montreal!

This anniversary is an opportunity to recognize the positive changes that bikes have brought to the daily lives of citizens, but also to our society and to acknowledge that BIXI is not only good for me, but it is good for all.

This season, we’ll have more than 10,000 BIXIs waiting for you at nearly 850 stations spread over 6 cities in the Greater Montreal area, and… plenty more surprises! Starting April 12, strap on your bike helmet, it’s going to be a blast!

Good for the environment

In 15 years, BIXI has been able to help citizens travel more than 175 million kilometers without a car, save 17 million liters of gasoline and 35,000 tons of CO2.. That’s a tremendous amount! BIXISTS were able to enjoy the great weather, get some exercise and reach their destination in no time. Car drivers and users of other public transportation were able to enjoy less congested roads, a calmer city and better air quality, knowing that in Quebec, road transportation alone is responsible for 34,4% of total greenhouse gas emissions and that short-distance solo car trips were avoided.

In addition, since BIXIs are designed above all to be robust, safe and easy to handle, they allow several users to use the same bike every day, thus reducing the number of bikes and parts needed to ensure everyone can commute.

As the territory covered by BIXI stations continues to expand across Quebec, electric BIXIs make the service more accessible and facilitate long-distance trips, thus limiting the use of solo cars to a minimum.

In fact, for the 2023 season, 247 new electric BIXI bikes will be added to the fleet, which is already one of the largest in North America and will now total 2 640 bikes!! New electric stations will also be installed throughout the network to recharge them on site and ensure that your trips start with a full battery. Get ready for an electrifying summer!

Good for the local economy

BIXI, in itself, is a local product. Through these bicycles imagined by Quebec designer Michel Dallaire, produced by Saguenay-based manufacturer Cycles Devinci, purchased by the cities of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Westmount, Ville-Mont-Royal and Montreal-East, maintained by the social economy company CycloChrome and made available to citizens by the NPO that is BIXI, the local economy shines. By allowing you to easily get to work, BIXI generates more than 500 direct and indirect jobs throughout Quebec and contributes to the growth of Quebec SMEs. There is a lot to be proud of!

Furthermore, according to a study, for every dollar spent by a car driver for the use of his vehicle, we as a society pay $9.20. For the use of a bicycle? For the use of a bicycle? $0.08. Not to mention the fact that we collectively pay $7,6 billion each year (almost $1,000 per capita) in costs related to traffic accidents, congestion and pollution. By choosing to use public transit like BIXI, we use our streets differently. We preserve the resources we have, spend less to repair them, and can allocate our collective funds differently.

And we’re not even talking about the impact of bikes on local businesses! BIXI has quickly become a must by facilitating local travel, connecting citizens and merchants and allowing more business. CAA-Quebec estimates that, when the use of a bicycle enables people to avoid buying a car, they save an average of $11 000 that they can spend on local products.

Good for our society

BIXI’s mission is to transform the urban experience through active, accessible, innovative and collaborative mobility. Currently, it is estimated that 88% of Canadians are sedentary or outright inactive. In other words, they do less than 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity per week.. This increasing sedentary lifestyle exposes us to significant risks for our personal health and for the health of our society. As an active public transit system, BIXI offers you the opportunity to change the game and opt for a bicycle for your travels. Simply by commuting to work with BIXI, you have the opportunity to complete your 150 minutes of physical activity, without even going to the gym. Good for me, good for all!

BIXI also helps maintain connections between friends, families, and romantic partners by reducing the distance between them and making it easier to travel between cities and neighborhoods where they live without the need for a car. The ideal of the 15-minute city? It’s not just for metropolises.. We tend to forget it, but bike sharing is more than just a means of transportation. It’s an infrastructure that contributes to pleasant living environments, that brightens up cities, that allows them to rethink their future.

And it’s all of this that leads us to claim that BIXI is good for me, good for all.

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BIXI, now available all year long!

The end of the 2023 season doesn’t mean the service is no longer available! As part of a pilot project, a network of 150 stations is available year-round in a 100-square-kilometer area covering 7 Montreal boroughs.