The Old Port and Old Montreal by BIXI
Explore Montreal by BIXI, starting with the “Old Town”

The beauty of the past

The Old Port and Old Montreal are the city’s cornerstones. Introductions are no longer necessary, but we will provide them out of courtesy! Located in the Ville-Marie borough, the Old Port and Old Montreal are inseparable from one other. Both have witnessed the birth of the colony, and both have actively participated in the urbanization and development of the city we know and love today! Rent a BIXI and take the time to discover or rediscover this part of the city! You won’t regret seeing the “Old Town” from this perspective.

Montréal © TQ/S. Poulin

Numerous bike paths in the Old Port and Old Montreal

The Promenade du Vieux-Port is the perfect place for cyclists, especially at sunset. If you’re lucky enough to witness one, don’t forget to take a photo and include your BIXI! Parallel to the Promenade is a trail that connects the Old Port to the Lachine Canal, allowing you to fully enjoy the view of the river and various historic monuments. Additional bike paths can be found on Berri and Saint-Antoine Streets. They ensure safe travel between several neighbourhoods in the Ville-Marie borough. It will come as no surprise that BIXI stations await your arrival! Whether it’s at the corner of Commune & Saint-Sulpice, Commune & Place Jacques-Cartier, or Commune & Berri, renting a BIXI easily fits your lifestyle.

Rent a BIXI and visit area attractions…

There’s no shortage of things to do in the “Old Town!” Are you an archaeology buff? The Pointe-à-Callière Museum is ideal for you! Located in the heart of the Old Port, you’ll discover the history of Montreal and the archaeological digs that were conducted here. Temporary exhibitions will deepen your knowledge of other civilizations and their history through artifacts that recount their evolution.

Not afraid of heights? Riding Montreal’s Ferris Wheel is a unique experience! Observe the city’s splendour like never before from the top of its 60-metre diameter. Finish your bike rental at a nearby station and drop by!

It is undeniable that Catholicism has played a significant role in the founding of Montreal and Quebec. The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is a late witness to the long and close relationship between the Quebecois people and the clergy. Although this era is over, you can still appreciate the basilica’s neo-gothic architectural magnificence! Just take the Saint-Antoine Street bike path and then walk a few blocks to the basilica! You can drop off your regular or electric bike—and rent another upon departure—at the BIXI station at the corner of Saint-Antoine & Saint-François-Xavier!

The Clock Tower is also a well-known monument in the city. Built between 1919 and 1922, you can now climb all 192 steps to the top!

Are you a history buff? Located in the Old Port, the Centre d’Histoire de Montreal presents many exhibitions, enabling you to immerse yourself in the history of the last 500 years. You can also go back in time by visiting the Château Ramezay Museum, as well as the surrounding Governor’s Garden. You’ll be charmed by its French style! You can rent a bike to get back home—not to mention back to the current era—at the Champ-de-Mars & Gosford Street BIXI Station.

Montréal © TQ/J. Barber

Rent a BIXI and tour the area…

Feel like a shopping spree? Discover local businesses and products created by local artisans at the Bonsecours Market! You can also admire various works of art: several galleries are located nearby, allowing you to enjoy both history and art in a single location.

SOS Labyrinthe is another Old Port attraction! You can go searching for four treasures in this 2 km long labyrinth. These treasures will teach you a little more about Quebec’s history, and more specifically about the city’s history, by way of historical facts and miscellaneous events! A BIXI station is located nearby, at the corner of Commune & Berri, making it easy to rent a BIXI when you’ve finished your activity!

Ride BIXI with a friend!

Feel like exploring Old Montreal and all that surrounds it? Did you know that as a BIXI member, you can rent a bike for both yourself and a friend? Just use your one-way Amis BIXI passes or the mobile application’s BIXI group ride feature. Don’t wait, rent a couple of bikes now!

Discover the history of the Old Port and Old Montreal by BIXI

The Old Port and Old Montreal have been part of the city’s history since the colony of Ville-Marie was founded. As indicated by the Old Port’s official website, Montreal was a port city of great economic importance to the colony, and it retained this status for many years. During the 19th century, when the railway industry was booming, the port was used to receive materials for the manufacture of trains. In 1981, the government created the Old Port of Montreal Corporation to protect this heritage and bring it up to date. The Old Port did not become a tourist centre until 1992, on the 350th anniversary of the city’s founding. It was made into a riverside park in accordance with citizens’ wishes.

Fun facts about the Old Port and Old Montreal

When it was inaugurated, the Clock Tower was meant to pay tribute to those lost in WWI. Although it has since become a tourist site, you can still take a moment to think of the fallen soldiers as you climb the tower’s 192 steps.

The name “Old Montreal” did not become popular until the 1960s. Indeed, a campaign of heritage promotion emerged during these years, leading to the desire to protect historical monuments. As a result, Old Montreal became a worthwhile site to protect!