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See you in Milton Park!

When you venture into Plateau-Mont-Royal, you naturally head for the Plateau, Mile End, or even Mount Royal Avenue… but have you ever considered visiting Milton Park? Located east of McGill University and near downtown, Milton Park attracts numerous students. The latter have affectionately dubbed the neighbourhood the McGill Ghetto. Close to Jeanne-Mance and Mount Royal Parks, it’s a popular neighbourhood to live in, as evidenced by its large population comprised of various social classes. Its proximity to several parks also makes it a popular place to rent a bike and go for a ride! Milton Park is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. It thus comes as no surprise to find historic remnants sharing space with more modern buildings: restaurants, bars, and glass-enclosed cafés have sprung up next to Victorian style homes!

Numerous bike paths in Milton Park

There’s no shortage of bike paths in the neighbourhood! And BIXI stations abound! You can easily get to Jeanne-Mance Park by crossing the bike path on Hutchison Street, where two BIXI stations await your bike rental at the corner of Des Pins & Prince-Arthur! The Milton Street bike path allows you to access another on De Maisonnneuve West Boulevard, via University Street. Two stations can also be found at the corner of Durocher & University. The Prince-Arthur Street bike path also runs through Milton Park! With BIXI stations at the corner of Prince Arthur & University, Aylmer & Prince-Arthur, Prince-Arthur & Hutchison, and Prince-Arthur & Park, chances are that there’ll be at least one in sight! So, take advantage of the BIXI stations at nearly every corner and enjoy the peace and quiet of Milton Park’s various bike paths!

Rent a BIXI and visit neighbourhood attractions…

Montreal’s Milton Park neighbourhood is one of a kind! It’s full of Victorian buildings that have retained their old-world charm. Are you an architecture fanatic? During your next bike rental in Milton Park, explore neighbourhood streets that you don’t normally frequent and admire these buildings: witnesses of a bygone era!

Are you a history buff? The Musée des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal welcomes you to Milton Park and would like to introduce you to the city’s history, centred around one of its major figures, Jeanne Mance. The museum recounts the story of Ville-Marie’s founding, as well as that of Hôtel-Dieu, one of the colony’s first hospitals. The history of the Hospitallers and their devotion to the sick is quite touching. And naturally, a BIXI station awaits your arrival! Located at the corner of Sainte-Famille & Des Pins, the station allows you to easily rent a bike upon departure or drop one off on your way into the museum.

Montréal © TQ/ J-F Frenette

Location de vélo à Milton-Parc

Rent a BIXI and tour the neighbourhood…

Feel like a night at the movies? We’re here to help! BIXI Montreal is proud to partner with Cinemas Beaubien, du Parc, and du Musée to offer its monthly and seasonal members 2 for the price of 1 tickets on Sundays after 6:30 pm during the entire season. Simply present your BIXI key or the mobile application—with the BIXI Amis section active—when you drop by the box office. And BIXI hasn’t forgotten about subscribers to the Cinemas’ newsletter! The Cinemas will be sending you a special code, allowing you to take advantage of a 10% discount on your seasonal (May 31 deadline) or monthly (no deadline) subscription. Don’t forget to rent a trusty BIXI to get you home! The Cinema du Parc, located in Milton Park, has a station at the corner of Prince-Arthur & Park!

You can also simply enjoy the many restaurants, bars, cafés, and Victorian buildings! There’s no need for an extravagant outing if you just want to pedal and relax, especially on an electric BIXI! Next time you go out, remember to take a bike rental in Milton Park to enjoy its many attractions!

Montréal © TQ/ D. Lafond

Ride BIXI with a friend!

Want to spend an evening at the movies with friends? Or maybe you’d like to meet up with a friend and go for a ride in the McGill Ghetto? Share your one-way Amis BIXI passes or use the mobile application’s BIXI group ride feature! This will allow you to access a bike rental for two and take advantage of all that Milton Park has to offer!

Location de vélo à Milton-Parc

Discover Milton Park’s history by BIXI

Milton Park has a strong connection to Montreal’s English-speaking community! Middle class English families began settling in the neighbourhood in the 19th century. It was only after World War II that the area’s demographics changed. The middle class left and made way for McGill University students, who wanted to live near their classrooms. (Online courses didn’t exist back then!) In the 1970’s, a developer acquired many of the properties, with the intention of demolishing and replacing them with modern buildings, a hotel, and a shopping centre. It’s only thanks to a grass-roots movement that you can still admire the nearly two-hundred-year-old buildings! Thanks to its residents, Milton Park has retained its charm and authenticity! During your next bike rental in Milton Park, take the time to explore the neighbourhood streets and admire this part of the city’s history!

Montréal © TQ/ G. Leroyer

Location de vélo à Milton-Parc

Fun facts about Milton Park

The Hôtel-Dieu Hospital was located in Old Port from its founding in 1645 until the 1860s. Newly installed near Mount Royal, it officially opened in 1862, becoming the centrepiece of the neighbourhood from that point on.

Did you know that 3702 Sainte Famille Street was once the home of a famous physicist? Ernest Rutherford, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908, moved to Canada in 1898 when a chair in physics at McGill University became available. He continued his research on radioactive bodies and alpha ray emission during the years he lived in Montreal. The house that he lived in is still standing on Sainte-Famille Street. You don’t need a CEGEP Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree in physics to appreciate its beauty: check it out on your next BIXI outing!