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BIXI seasonal membership

Get around your city with complete peace of mind

Looking for stress-free transportation? The BIXI seasonal membership’s perfect for you. If there’s a BIXI on the street, you’ve got a ride! A day at the office? Errand to run? Outing with friends, socially distanced, of course? BIXI’s got your back 24/7, accessible whenever you need via your cell phone.

It will be possible to have information on the price of seasonal memberships and purchase your own in Spring 2022. 

April 15 to November 15

Prepare for the unexpected and book all your trips for the season in one click.

April 15 to November 15

Valid for the entire BIXI season

Electric BIXI

Reduced rate at X₵/minute


Borrow a bike using your cell phone

45 minutes

Unlimited regular BIXI trips

Unlock your transportation

Your BIXI seasonal membership gives you access to more than 9,000 bikes perfect for your active lifestyle, available in 700 stations in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Westmount and Town of Mount Royal, without the hassle of maintenance. Take as many trips as you’d like: the first 45 minutes of each regular BIXI trip are free. Got more juice to keep going after 45 minutes? No problem! Cycle as long as you want for only X₵/minute

Go faster and further with an electric BIXI!

Wouldn't it be great if you could ride your bike without ever getting exhausted? Here's the key: the Electric BIXI! It’s been picking up in popularity for so many great reasons. As soon as your electric BIXI detects you’re having trouble pedalling—whether it’s because you’re tired or riding uphill— it provides assistance proportional to the effort required to keep you going at a good pace, making them extremely pleasant to ride. Rumour has it that they can even make you feel like you’re flying!

For some users, electric BIXIs are a simple pleasure, a luxury that they offer themselves from time to time. For others, they are an essential means of transportation in order to arrive fresh and ready to go after a ride to the top of the hill. One thing is certain: they leave no one indifferent. It’s little wonder that the largest fleet in North America is found right here in Montreal!

Not yet convinced they’re worthy of their reputation? The BIXI seasonal membership allows you to put them to the test for a small fee: as a member, your electric bike rental will cost only X₵/minute as opposed to X₵/minute for non-members.

Facilitate your trips by downloading the BIXI mobile application

The mobile app is an essential tool to get the most out of your BIXI seasonal membership! A map of Greater Montreal displays all bike routes and BIXI stations and enables you to check the availability of regular BIXIs, electric BIXIs and docking points at each station. It also gives you an easy way to rent a bike, right in your pocket: just click on the nearest station and request an unlocking code, then enter it on the keyboard of the docking point to release the BIXI of your choice. 

But that’s not all! A stopwatch is activated at the beginning of your trip and allows you to control your BIXI use by providing you with the exact duration of your excursion. Not sure if you’ve properly returned your BIXI to the station after a trip? Not a problem! The BIXI app sends you a notification once your bike rental has ended

Are there other advantages to the BIXI app? Certainly! Find out more by clicking the button below. 

Download the application

Ready to act?

Seasonal membership will be available in Spring 2022!


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