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Bike rental

How does BIXI work?

If you live or work in the city, you’ve probably passed by one of the 700 BIXI stations. And you’ve undoubtedly come across people who we affectionately refer to as “BIXISTS,” i.e., cyclists riding one of our grey bikes (or perhaps a blue bike). Tempted by the experience? Let us tell you all about BIXI bike rentals!

1. Purchase a membership or a one-way pass

The BIXI application makes it simple! Buy a BIXI membership or a one-way pass. Simply click on “Rent a bike.” If you already have a membership, log in to your account, click on the station nearest your location, and request an unlocking code.

Forgot your phone? Insert your credit card at the terminal and follow the instructions to buy a one-way pass or have your membership recognized. Have a preregistered OPUS card? Tap it against the OPUS reader to purchase a one-way OPUS fare. Memorize or print the 5-digit unlocking code that appears on the screen at the end of the transaction.

    2. Take a bike

    Enter the 5-digit code, obtained via the BIXI application or the station terminal, on the keyboard situated to the left of the bike dock of your choice* to rent your bike. When you see the green light, pull the bike toward you to remove it from its docking point. You’re ready to go!

    *Occasional users can only rent Electric BIXI bikes via the BIXI application or using a preregistered OPUS card.

    3. Cycle

    A ride along the river, a trip to the park, or a Monday office commute: your bike rental can take all sorts of forms. Ride for as long as you’d like, but don’t forget: Except for the first 45 minutes of regular BIXI bikes used by members, each minute is recorded to arrive at a personalized rate, and helmets are mandatory for electric bike rentals. If you’d like to stop somewhere, remember to return your bike to a station: you won’t have to worry about bicycle theft or pay for non-ride time. The BIXI is your responsibility for the entire rental period. It’s your bike!

    4. Return the bike

    Are you tired? Have you arrived at your destination? Return your BIXI to the nearest station to finish your bike rental. All you have to do is firmly push it into an available bike dock. Make sure that the green light comes on, confirming that the BIXI is properly locked in place. For added security, the BIXI application will also notify you that your bike rental has ended.  

    Ready to go for a ride?

    Get the BIXI application, then find and unlock your bike!


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