Art Bikes

Vélos des artistes

50 BIXIs to celebrate urban art

We can’t celebrate 50 million bike trips without celebrating our home, our city, Montreal itself, where BIXISTS have been roaming the streets and bike paths since 2009! We wanted to draw closer ties with the city, have a conversation that’s as smart as our bikes, and put Montrealers at the heart of our initiatives, which is why we launched these art bikes in collaboration with MURAL.

As of June 9, you can jump on one of these bikes at our stations to ride in colour and celebrate our local art and culture.

Vélos des artistes

Contemporary art wonders

BIXIs have been art bikes from the very start. Designer Michel Dallaire envisioned a bike that would blend seamlessly with the urban landscape. This year, we decided to push this idea even further by transforming 50 bikes into actual works of art.

These authentic, colourful, one-of-a-kind art bikes reflect the character of the Montrealers who ride them every day. They’ll brighten up your day whether you’re riding from the library to happy hour at the pub, or from Villeray to the Lachine Canal. When riding an art bike, take a moment to appreciate the charm of the neighbourhoods you bike through and the urban art that brings them alive.


5 of the 50 art bikes are absolute masterpieces. They have been turned into art from top to bottom, pedal to bell. They’re no longer roadworthy, but they’ll always be a testament to the strong relationship between Montreal and its arts community.

These masterpieces will be exhibited at the MURAL Festival, June 9-18, then will be loaned out to art galleries.

5 local artists

There wouldn’t be art bikes without the artists! 5 uniquely talented Montreal creators were tapped by BIXI and MURAL to unleash their creativity on our bikes. Each one was tasked with creating a 10-bike collection, including one masterpiece.

We’re so grateful they shared their talent with BIXI users!

La Charbonne

La Charbonne is a Montreal muralist, illustrator and graphic designer. Inspired by the 90’s, she creates a brightly coloured world featuring funky patterns and bubbly shapes. Her aim is to share her joyful vision through her art.

A few word on her collection:
« The last few years have been pretty tough for all of us. I wanted, with my funky and colorful BIXI bike collection, to create something dynamic that was inspired by the festive spirit of Montreal’s summer and celebrated the new season in a big way. »

Mono sourcil

Mono sourcilis a Montreal muralist. In addition to her street art endeavours, she is also a painter, sculptor, and installation and performance artist. She is known for her imaginary characters that adom the walls of Montreal.

A few word on her collection:
« Montreal is a vibrant city filled with dynamic citizens who love good things like a good Mile End bagel. I wanted to represent this colorful Montreal eclecticism through my artistic style. Now it’s your turn to use these fluorescent yellow bikes to ride the streets of Montreal with a smile. »

Chien Champion

Chien Champion is a Montreal illustrator who specialized in creating vivid, dynamic scenes from an imaginary worlds. He describes himself as a spontaneous, curious artist who’s always on the move.

A few word on his collection:
« I divided BIXI into two categories: the daytime model and the nighttime model. For me, Montreal’s energy at these two times is totally different. So I wanted to represent these two worlds with animals or fantastic characters that act as central figures. I wanted to give the impression that these characters come to life and embody the BIXI. I wanted to mark the imagination, while making the experience of riding a BIXI magical. In this way, both the person who commutes to work on BIXI, and the person who leaves for an evening party, will feel that their ride is magical. »


Zephyr is a painter and graphic designer from Toronto. His art reflects the urban environment around him. This translated to the use of street art-inspired techniques, like artibrush and the use of industrial materials.

A few word on his collection:
« For me, riding a bike is a kind of mediative escape and I wanted to convey that feeling of freedom in my paintings. Being able to go anywhere and feel the wind can make you feel part of nature, even in a big city. The mix of natural and synthetic colors applied with a fuzzy gradient technique reflects the fluid, ethereal state I associate with biking. »

Aless MC

Aless MC is a multidisciplinary artist who produces both murals and illustrations. She created visual art by combining shapes, symbols and colours using various creation techniques.

A few word on her collection
« This BIXI collection is a celebration of each user’s individual style in order to encourage the trend towards an active, aco-friendly lifestyle when commuting in the city. Each BIXI has its own color palette and is adorned with stenciled details to evoke textile prints. The details are placed to enhance the form of the object and act as an extension to one’s personal style. »