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Published on 2019-07-30

I wouldn't be teaching you anything new if I said that yoga provides you with undeniable physical and mental health benefits! If you start doing this practice every day, together with another physical activity, such as cycling, it's even better. That way you can enhance the positive effects!

I see yoga as an asset that complements all sorts of everyday activities, whether it's work, sports or just for pleasure. This discipline aims to harmonize the body and mind through several postural alignment, mental focus and conscious breathing techniques. It's really a science that can bring about some important changes in several aspects of our lives.

I know all too well that most people's daily lives are very, if not too, busy! The good news? You don't need to run down to the yoga studio to do a 90-minute session several times a week... Certain asanas (yoga poses) and sequences may be enough to improve your general quality of life. So, excuses like, "I don't have enough time," are not good enough because all you need is 10 to 15 minutes of mindful practice at the beginning of the day and, ideally, in the evening can have a lasting effect. We would be crazy to pass this up!

Here's a short list of some of the benefits:

  • Improves flexibility and mind-body awareness
  • Develops toned muscles and a better overall posture
  • Contributes to reducing stress and anxiety and preventing burnouts
  • Promotes restorative sleep
  • Helps with digestion and/or reduces inflammation
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Gives an overall sense of well-being (harmonizing the body and mind) and promotes concentration and self-confidence
  • And much more!

I would suggest these simple and easily-attainable poses before heading off on your BIXI:

© Caroline Huard / Loounie
© Caroline Huard / Loounie

The tree pose is a classic hatha yoga pose. It helps us to develop our physical balance and mental focus. Perfect before going to work!

© Caroline Huard / Loounie
© Caroline Huard / Loounie

This simple side stretch allows you to stretch out your waist and intercostal muscles. When you send your breath to this area, you are creating more space between your ribs.

© Caroline Huard / Loounie
© Caroline Huard / Loounie

Next time you're getting on your BIXI, instead of thinking about work or what you're going to make for dinner, I challenge you to ride mindfully all the way to your destination, using your breath...

For the 5th and second to last Free BIXI Sunday offered by Manuvie on September 25, BIXI and Lolë will be organizing 3 free yoga sessions (Hatha flow, all levels) in 3 different parks. Come down and get a BIXI! Facebook event.

Enjoy and Namaste!

Written by : Marie-eve Bertrand