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Pop in to BIXI’s open house!

Dive into eco-friendly urban mobility

Does it feel like you can’t take three steps outdoors without seeing a BIXI station or bike? Have you heard about us and felt inspired by our mission? Are you looking for a job, but you’re hesitating to send us your resume because you’re not sure what our corporate culture is like? We’d love to tell you all about it!

Come get a front-row seat at one of our BIXI open house days! We hold them every year to fill our seasonal positions in Customer Service and Road Operations.

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March X, 2022 – Xh 

March X, 2022 – Xh 

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You gotta see it to believe it

Sure, we’re making working for BIXI sound amazing, but isn’t that what all companies say to attract employees? That’s why we’re holding an open house! Come and check out our friendly, casual workplace and picture yourself being a part of our funny, talented and innovative team.

We just might be the colleagues you’ve been dreaming of. There’s only one way to find out!

Visit our workplace! 

Working in a stimulating workplace is important. During the BIXI open house, you can tour our sunny offices on the 2nd floor, explore our huge bike workshop, see where the BIXI bikes are stored in winter, and enjoy the surprisingly comforting smell of well-pumped tires! Our headquarters are located at 5945 avenue de Gaspé, à Montréal, in the heart of Montreal’s Rosemont-La Petite Patrie, and they’re easily accessible by Communauto, bus, metro (the Rosemont station is nearby) and, of course, BIXI!

The BIXI station in front of our building is very popular with our employees. According to urban legend, its e-bikes are practically always fully charged.

BIXI open house day

You’ll be greeted with coffee and hot chocolate upon arrival. (Bring a travel mug, it’ll taste even better!)

You’ll then get a guided tour of our building, giving you the chance to discover your potential future workplace and to meet several employees form Customer Service and Road Operations. You can ask them what they like about their jobs and about the job you’re interested in – they’ll be able to give you all the dirt, because they’ve been doing the job for months, or even years!

Lastly, you’ll get an interview so we can check whether your skills are right for the job and whether you’re even more eager to work here now that you know the company better.

Bring your resume and a smile, and we’ll take it from there!

Date options to fit your schedule

We know you’re busy, so we’ve planned several time slots for the open house tours. Hopefully one of them will work for you!

March X, 2022 - X:XX

March X, 2022 - X:XX

March X, 2022 - X:XX

Feel free to spread the word about the BIXI open house to any friends or family looking for a job as Customer Service Agent or Driver. There’s a spot for everyone at BIXI.

Want to come meet us during the BIXI open house?

We'll be waiting!


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