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Reporting to the Integrated Marketing and Sales Director, the incumbant is responsible for planning and deploying marketing mix offensives aimed at promoting the company's image and maintaining good customer relations. He/she will work closely with other departments, suppliers and agencies related to marketing operations. This is a permanent position, 37.5 hours per week.



  • Participates in the design and implementation of various action plans and strategies related to the marketing mix (product, price, distribution and communication).
  • Is responsible for segmenting and identifying customer lists (members and occasional users) relevant to BIXI Montreal and making the necessary recommendations based on the marketing approach.
  • Possesses and develops a global vision (360 degrees) of the creative concept and ensures that all related activities (digital and social media, automated email, TV, radio and print) are consistent with the strategy.
  • Analyzes and interprets statistical data to formulate directions or recommendations related to customer behavior and online experience issues as well as the BIXI user experience.
  • Tracks results and performance. Collaborates in the development and implementation of strategies to achieve business objectives, maximize the growth and profitability of the offer.


  • Ensures that marketing mix activities are carried out within the allocated budgets and deadlines.
  • Follows up on sales using the various channels and performance analysis tools.


  • Deploys marketing mix offensives (product, price, distribution and communication).
  • Deploys digital and traditional advertising offensives (digital and social media, automated email, TV, radio and print).
  • Deploys solutions, positioning and tactics to achieve business objectives and maximize growth while meeting the needs of BIXI and of its clientèle.
  • Represents their business unit with the various marketing suppliers and negotiates agreements and service offers, as needed.
  • Monitors the performance indicators available on our various digital platforms to facilitate decision-making and ensure optimal responsiveness to issues related to engagement, conversion and retention.
  • Contributes to the evolution of the website and its performance (engagement, conversion and retention).
  • Contributes to the evolution of the mobile application and its performance (engagement, conversion and retention).
  • Contributes to the optimization of natural referencing on Google (SEO) and paid referencing (SEM) Google Grant (Engagement, conversion and retention).
  • Contributes to the optimization of digital media campaigns (engagement, conversion and retention).
  • Monitors customer needs, market trends and competitor offerings. Administers and analyses several surveys (mini survey and annual survey)
  • Analyzes opportunities to develop solutions or products/services, evaluates their business potential and identifies impacts in order to recommend the best options.




  • Undergraduate degree in marketing or communications, or other relevant training.


  • A minimum of five (5) years experience in a similar position.
  • Experience in producing content for digital and traditional media.
  • Experience in digital campaign management and automation.
  • Experience in website management, SEO, SEM and agency relationship management.
  • Experience in developing retention programs and data analysis is an asset.


  • Fluency in written and spoken French, professional level English.
  • Proficiency in email marketing platforms.
  • Proficiency in digital media platforms.
  • Knowledge of customer experience optimization on mobile applications.
  • Ability to juggle operational execution activities with strategy and planning activities.
  • Google Analytics certification.
  • Strong digital litteracy .
  • Ability to solve problems and propose creative and innovative solutions.
  • Understanding of the effectiveness of text, images, video and their combination to tell a story (storytelling).
  • Basic knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite is an asset.

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