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Published on 2017-11-30

Montreal's 375th anniversary set the tone for BIXI's record-breaking 2017 season! You all took 4.8 million trips this year, which is an 18% increase from 2016. WOW! A big thank you to all 258,000 users!

The 2nd edition of Free BIXI Sundays offered by Manulife was also a great success! A total of 172,935 trips were taken on all six Sundays, a 29% increase from last year. The all-time record of the most trips ever taken in one day in BIXI's history was recorded on Sunday, July 30, 2017 with no less than 41,728 trips.

The 375 custom BIXI bikes that were designed as part of the Montreal, BIXI and Me project were no doubt a big hit. These unique bikes, designed by 375 creative Montrealers, were used 3 times more than the other bikes.

Our Top 5 most popular BIXI bikes are a testament to your love for these colourful 7-speed bikes!

  1. Jean-François Perrier: 2 010 rides

  2. Hélène Paquin: 1 975 rides

  3. Diana Lopez: 1 909 rides 

  4. Marie Michèle Poulin: 1 908 rides

  5. Frédérique Théberge: 1 896 rides