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Job description

Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and monitoring computer systems, system security and data confidentiality. The CTO manages financial, material and computer resources, as well as human resources, for his department and supervises the department’s activities and operations. The CTO is in charge of administering the computer system, managing new projects, and performing functional analyses of user needs.


It is a permanent position of 37.5 hours per week, with a complete benefits package after 3 months. 

Summary of primary duties and responsibilities 

  • Manage the IT department’s budgets
  • Oversee the development, implementation, and updating of, as well as compliance with, policies, guides, user manuals, and standards and procedures in the IT domain.
  • Develop and maintain connections and relationships with stakeholders connected with the CTO’s work and with transportation mobility in Montréal and in Québec


IT-related duties:

  • Coordinate activities and services related to IT systems and computer networks
  • Work closely with managers of other departments to integrate technology
  • Establish standards for purchasing computer hardware and software and standards for using telematic networks
  • Optimize business processes concerning the quality and efficiency of computer tools, regularly perform rigorous analyses of them, and offer recommendations to the work team
  • Analyze demands for technology, manage the implementation of various projects and initiatives, develop the necessary budgets, and plan for IT needs
  • Identify maintenance issues and make necessary corrections
  • Develop and implement all IT policies and procedures, including those related to security, activities and data security.


Supervising staff

  • Evaluate and adjust the workloads of 2 employees in the CTO’s team according to priorities
  • Manage employee training in compliance with the programs and procedures in place and contribute to the improvement of and compliance with training methods
  • Encourage employee teamwork, initiative, excellence, and engagement
  • Maintain a healthy work environment by focusing on developing and motivating each employee
  • Participate in managing the team’s human resources, namely through hiring and interviewing, conducting performance evaluations and disciplinary procedures, and ensuring operational health and safety



  • Collaborate with other managers to ensure interdepartmental consistency
  • Participate in the management committee
  • Manage and motivate the team to achieve set goals
  • Initiate an action plan to achieve IT department goals
  • Communicate the company’s vision and strategic plans with his team
  • Act as a company representative by demonstrating respect for corporate values
  • Perform all other related tasks entrusted to him



  • Bachelor’s degree in management information systems or a related field
  • 5 years’ relevant experience in a similar position
  • Experience managing staff
  • Self-directed, organized
  • Good stress management
  • Ability to analyze, organize, and adapt
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Bilingual

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