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Published on 2018-06-14

Subscribe to the BIXI OPUS service to facilitate your commute between the metro, the bus and BIXI. Use your OPUS card to rent a BIXI whenever you want for a one-way trip!


1- Obtain a valid OPUS card

Subscribe on BIXI website, in the section ‘’Become a member’’

2- Select ‘’OPUS Access’’

3- Fill out the form

  •  You must enter your OPUS card number and a security nip. The security nip will be necessary to rent a bike at the station.
  •  Then, you must create a BIXI account with your email and a password. This will be use to connect to your personal account on the BIXI website.
  •  Next, you have to enter your credit card informations in order to be charge when you rent a BIXI. Note that a valid credit card is always required.

4- Once you are at the station to rent a BIXI

  •  Click on ‘’Démarrer’’ on the right side of the screen, to start the transaction.
  •  Choose the option ‘’Rent a bike’’
  •  Tap your OPUS card on the contactless reader and enter your nip.
  •  Select the one-way trip of 30 minutes or less. 2$ (OPUS card with photo) or 2,95$ (OPUS card without photo) will be charge on your credit card. There will be no security deposit of 100 $ in contrary to the regular transaction with the credit card.

If you already have a BIXI key, you don’t need to subscribe to OPUS access. The OPUS card does not remplace the key. The OPUS card gives you access only to one-way trips. Moreover, the BIXI key still is the simplest way to rent a bike for members. You can only rent one bike per OPUS card.

Written by : BIXI team