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OPUS Card and BIXI

Change up your routine with BIXI

Have you tried linking your OPUS card to BIXI? Train, bus, metro, BIXI: you’ll have the perfect mix of transportation options in your pocket, always at your fingertips. In addition to having the freedom to use BIXI whenever you want, you’ll receive benefits from one-way trips. It’s easy! First, simply link your OPUS card to your BIXI account, and then use it at the station kiosk to rent a bike.

It will be possible to have information on the price of OPUS one-way passes in Spring 2022.

Rent your BIXI bike with your OPUS card and take advantage of the benefits

Register my OPUS card

Pay by the minute

Pay only for what you use


No security deposit

OPUS Card and BIXI Rates: All of your trips on one card

OPUS Card and BIXI rates give you a discount on one-way trips and seamlessly adapt to your routine. Whether running an errand at the pharmacy or riding along the riverbanks, you decide how to use your bike rental. No deadline or security deposit. Unlock your bike at the kiosk (X₵), ride for as long as you want on a regular BIXI bike for X₵/minute and pay for what you use. Not a penny more.

Go faster and farther with an electric BIXI bike!

Do you find exertion unappealing? Don’t think twice and borrow an electric BIXI bike! BIXISTS can confirm that they feel like they’re flying on these bikes, their top choice for the past two seasons. As soon as you start exerting yourself, they provide assistance proportional to the effort required to keep you going at a good pace. Just like magic.

Last-minute plans on the other side of town? Skip the traffic and enjoy fresh air by taking an electric BIXI: even if your trip ends at the top of a hill, you’ll arrive fresh and ready to go. Want to go on a long ride in Mount Royal Park? It’s the best way to go! The Montreal electric bike fleet, the largest in North America, is at your service. 

Not sure you’ll like it? We are! Take one out (X₵) and try it at the OPUS Card and electric BIXI rate of X₵/minute. Let us know how it goes!

Ready to act?

Prepare your OPUS card for your next BIXI one-way trip!


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