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2021 BIXI Season

Ready for another year of exploration?

Spring is back, and so is the 2021 BIXI season. And what a season it will be! Over 8,000 BIXIs await you in more than 700 stations across the 5 cities of Greater Montreal. 725 new electric BIXIs have joined our fleet, which was already the largest in North America, with 1,905 bikes in total, and 70 new electric stations across the network will recharge them on-the-spot so that your trips start with a full battery. From April 9 to November 15, strap on your helmet and take a ride. 

Early spring, early start to the season!

    You asked for them and they’re here! Thanks to the nice weather, your enthusiasm and the responsive BIXI and CycloChrome teams, with 12 years of experience between them in bicycle sharing programs, BIXI bikes will be available once again for all your trips after April 9, 2021. That’s 6 more days (including a weekend) in the 2021 BIXI season! Rediscover the joy of biking across the city and enjoy the beautiful weather!


    A season of great change

    Several new features are being introduced for the 2021 BIXI season! Membership subscriptions and rates have been redesigned to be simpler, more flexible and more accessible. With less expensive monthly memberships ($19 instead of $36!) and the new per-minute rate (ride now for as long as you want and pay only for what you use!), you could say that BIXI is shaking things up! Don’t worry, from now on, BIXI services will be cheaper for most users and many member favourites, such as unlimited 45-minute trips on a regular BIXI and the Amis BIXI program, are still here!

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    The BIXI mobile app, your new best friend

    If you haven’t downloaded the BIXI application yet,  you’ll discover : 

    - It has a map of Greater Montreal that displays all bike routes and BIXI stations and enables you to check the availability of regular BIXI, electric BIXI and docking points at each station. 

    - It also gives you an easy way to rent bikes, always at your fingertips: you just have to log in and click “Rent a bike” or the station closest to you and request an unlock code, which you’ll enter in the keypad at the dock to take out your BIXI of choice.

    - The app will start a timer at the start of your trip, which you can use to monitor how long you’ve had the bike

    - The app sends you a notification once your bike rental has ended, so you never have to wonder if you properly returned your bike at the station. 

    And these are just some of its advantages! For the 2021 BIXI season, take your experience to the next level with one click.

    Download the app

    Ready for the 2021 BIXI season?


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