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Published on 2019-09-02

Biking is the best way to explore Montreal. Hopping on a BIXI to get from one great spot to another is a rite of passage in this city, so Fido wanted to make it even better with 5 extra hours of data every month for their customers. And you know what they say, if you don’t use it you lose it. So, here are a few things you can do with that extra data:

Map it

If you need step-by-step (or pedal-by-pedal) directions somewhere, let a map app guide your way there. With 5 extra hours of data each month, you won’t need to worry about the data used because if it’s within Montreal, you should be able to bike there within one hour.

Femme souriante à vélo

Solo streaming

Odds are, if you’re biking, you might find yourself alone. Not to worry—streaming an audiobook or podcast is an awesome way to take a pedal break and enjoy whatever area you might find yourself in.

Femme seule en vélo

Life of the picnic

Make hanging out with friends in the park that much better by streaming your favourite playlist to a Bluetooth speaker.

Deux femmes à vélos sur le bord de l'eau

And not to sound like your parents, but please don’t use your phone while you’re riding, kay? It’s a little on the dangerous side. Besides, there are plenty of awesome spots to send a message or call someone from.

Make the best of Montreal with Fido and BIXI.

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Written by : Fido Team